About Me

I’m a cheerleader of you-ness.

I’m in the business of empowerment & simplification.

I’m Sarah Lioness

I believe in the power of quiet.

I know that quiet voices have great value.

And I believe that you don’t have to shout to be heard.

But I know you do need to believe in yourself to be heard, because you need to hear yourself first.

When you find the spark that lights you up, you find your purpose and take back control of your own life, wow, that’s powerful!

My coaching work is all about helping women to find that spark inside them, and nurture it; imagine feeling…

  • unapologetically yourself
  • confident & playful
  • passionate & empowered

Spending my life as ‘one of the quiet ones’ held back by my own self-doubt is what led me to this work; my own journey, discovering my own power, is exactly why I do this work now, and I absolutely love it.

(My surname is actually Lynas… I can’t tell you how many nudges I’ve had to change it… my husband isn’t so sure!)

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